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Specialty Home Health Care is dedicated to providing state of the art Cardiac Services. By using our program you will:

· Prevent or reduce re-hospitalizations common in cardiac patients

· Improve compliance with their doctors treatment plan

· Prevent or reduce Emergency Room visits

· Improve quality of life


Unlike the hospital, our nurses have the time to spend with you, one-on-one.  Specialty nurses will closely monitor and evaluate your health and cardiac status with state of the art equipment and clinical expertise.

Cardiac Disease Management Services

  • Expert cardiac nursing care, monitoring, teaching and assessment at home

  • PT/INR fingerstick - no wait for lab results!

  • Home health aides to assist  with bathing

  • Therapists (PT, OT, ST) to increase strength, activity, and endurance

  • Cardiovascular Equipment– for state of the art on-site assessment and evaluation– EKG,   ZO monitoring, Spot O2 sats or overnight O2 testing, NIBP, vascular Doppler

  • Infusion Therapy– Inotropic and diuretic therapy, antibiotics, hydration, and other  chemotherapy.

  • Medication Setup, teaching , and monitoring

  • Laboratory Services–  taken to the lab of choice

  • Extended follow up program

Referrals being taken for the following diagnosis:

  • Congestive heart failure

  • Post heart attack (MI)

  • Unstable angina

  • Post cardiac surgery

  • Heart rhythm disturbances

  • Malignant hypertension

  • Call us for admission of other possible diagnosis

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