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Specialty ranked in TOP 100 in the US in 2013!!

(out of 9969 agencies that qualified)  

Announced annually in November, the HomeCare Elite™ is an annual compilation of the most successful home care providers in the United States. This unbiased market-leading review, from OCS HomeCare by National Research Corporation and DecisionHealth, names the top 25 percent of agencies in home health performance measures. The HomeCare Elite also recognizes the Top 100 and Top 500 providers nationwide.

  • 2014: ranked in Top 500 in the US! 
  • 2013: TOP 100 in the US!  The only agency in Indiana that was ranked in the TOP 100! 
  • 2012:  TOP 500 (Top 20%).
  • 2011:  Top 500 in the US.
  • 2010:  Top 500 in the US.
  • 2009:  Top 25% in the US.
  • 2008:  Top 500 in the US.
  • 2007:  Top 25% in the US.

National Research Corporation uses publicly available data from Home Health Compare and the CMS Cost Reports to create the HomeCare Elite List of agencies. Five domains of performance were cumulatively analyzed—quality of care, quality improvement and consistency, patient experience (HHCAHPS), process measure implementation, and financial performance.

The quality of care, process measure implementation, and patient experience domains measure agency performance in each of the publicly-reported Home Health Compare measures. The quality improvement index is based on changes in the 8 outcomes between data released in July 2012 and July 2013. The quality consistency score represents performance relative to the state norm in the quality measures over the past five years. The financial performance measure represents agency indexed Medicare profit margin from the 2012 CMS Cost Reports (or from previous years, adjusted, when 2012 data was not available).

Agency performance in each of the domains was compared against the performance of other organizations in their state and nationwide (including U.S. territories). The domains were combined into one overall score, using a weighting methodology that gives the greatest importance to quality of care. The top 25% of agencies in each region, both facility-based and free-standing, were identified and added to the national list. Plus, the top 100 and 500 agencies in the nation were recognized based on overall score.

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